Our Contracts practice combines deep knowledge with long experience. We regularly advise our clients on contractual issues, covering all the operating activities of a business. Our profound cross- industry insight and extensive experience in this field allows us to provide a comprehensive service, whether on strategic or day-to-day transactions and other operational issues. We prepare tailor made – personalised contracts, with a focus to address the specific needs of each client; at the same time our contracts aim at affording protection from eventual risks, and reducing exposure to disputes, where possible.

Our Contracts practice helps structure the ever-evolving relationships of our clients with their customers, suppliers, other commercial partners, the Administration, a.o. To our eyes, the intermingling of the day to day relations of our clients with a universe of other parties, are best served, when any one contract is made, negotiated and put to work following a global consideration of all other rights and obligations associated with the same client. We achieve this, by forging long time relations with our clients wherever possible, thus securing the continuity of knowledge. We also try to assess the known activities and relations of the counter


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