Heavy regulation, complexity and bureaucracy, together with frequent changes of labour law, also of associated social security issues, have been the main characteristics of Greek labour law for many years. Together with an inclination of Greek Courts to favour employees in the case of disputes, the effective workforce management can be a challenging exercise.


Our practice is mostly employer oriented. We provide solutions for all employment law aspects regarding any form of employment of domestic and expatriate employees in Greece. Careful planning of employment schemes and agreements is the key to a trouble-free HR administration and a successful outcome in the case of disputes.


Our Practice covers:


  • Compliance
  • Employment contracts, Executive employment contracts
  • Transfers and mobility
  • Employment disputes, pre-litigation advice and mediation, labour relations, work councils, labour unions
  • Profit-sharing schemes and incentives agreements, employee stock option schemes, phantom shares, employee benefits
  • Pensions
  • Personal data protection and privacy issues, sensitive investigations
  • Termination
  • Collective redundancies, restructuring

We have particular strength and experience in:


  • Helping employers manage labour law risks in their day-to-day operations, as well as in relation to complex restructuring and M&A transactions, especially if they imply redundancies or the transfer of employees to other entities;
  • Advising on collective bargaining matters, and assisting negotiations with works councils and labour unions;
  • Advising employers or professionals in employment relations involving inventive or creative activity, where the exact determination of the rights of each party are of crucial


We have an excellent record in resolving disputes and have undertaken complex and delicate litigation.