Infrastructure, Public Procurement, Tenders & Projects

Government contracts in general and public procurement in particular, is one of the most formalistic processes of the Greek bureaucracy. Surviving a tender for bids without hand in hand legal advice is almost out of the question; often, the award comes as a result of administrative litigation. We have ample experience in this area, especially regarding tenders for public procurement, public works, studies and services, regardless of the tendering process.


We have participated in the planning and performance of public tenders, both by auctions and by framework agreements. We excel when it comes to heavily regulated areas, such as auctions for the use of rare resources.


Given that we combine our expertise in public law, with our experience on new technologies, members of our firm have taken part in legislative committees pertaining to public procurement and especially e-procurement, which endows us with a high level of experience. We have also participated in the planning of the legal framework as well as the planning and execution of public tenders especially in technical and heavily regulated areas.

We represent our clients throughout tender processes as well as all the degrees administrative proceedings and/or other proceedings and disputes.


Key areas of advice:


Tenders for public procurement, public works, studies and services; Planning and performance of public tenders, tenders in heavily regulated areas; Bid protests and objections; Administrative proceedings; Performance of Public Contracts, Compliance, Suspension, Debarment, Dispute resolution.