Intellectual Property

Our firm is preeminent in this field. We provide our clients with strategic advice for the protection of their rights and the most suitable protection strategy and means. We advise on efficient and protective corporate structures with both to self-usage and licensing of IP. We set out exploitation

terms, we take care of all necessary filings in Greece, the EU and abroad, we negotiate and draft IP licensing and/or transfer agreements. Our firm is recommended for Intellectual Property 1.

We have broad experience, which includes all kinds of IP in several industries, more in particular, in the areas of (alphabetically): art, biotechnology, chemicals, communications, entertainment, information technology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, publishing, semiconductors and software.


In the area of copyright we have extensive experience in regard with traditional copyright issues and information society issues. We advise clients in issues as diverse as, Cloud trading, software development, licensing, sublicensing and support, media and internet content (linear and nonlinear), collecting societies, private copying, advertising, publishing electronically or  traditionally, protection of architectural works, music, academic copyright, moral rights, neighbouring rights protection and exploitation.


We have a very long experience in regard with trademarks and other indicia. Assessing their registrability, registering in Greece, the EUTO, or in other national and multinational jurisdictions licensing of trade marks, character merchandising, protection of trade marks, dealing with counterfeit products and parallel imports, following administrative procedures and litigation and civil and criminal litigation.


1 under LEGAL 500

The experience of our firm in technology related matters is perfectly combined with our deep knowledge of patent law issues and utility models and designs in Greece, EPO and EUIPO. We are very active in the pharmaceuticals sector. We work very close with experts in this field so that we can offer the most reliable and safer advice to customers at the stage of registration, in drafting the application and claims, in licensing and exploitation of the rights when awarded. We have offered our expert knowledge to clients in regard with employees’ rights and the drafting of the relevant employment agreements for employees with inventive activity. As far as litigation is concerned we have been involved in litigation concerning generic pharmaceuticals.


Disputes and IP Protection


We have an excellent record in regard with dispute resolution and litigation in all fields of  Intellectual Property ranging from infringement issues, counterfeit products, parallel imports, customs issues, challenges of validity of rights/priority issues/expiration of rights/scope of rights granted and protection afforded, collection of evidence and interlocutory injunctions, software protection, licensing and contract issues, relations with collecting societies, private copying, and especially issues of information society. Members of our firm have participated in the legislative committee that implemented in Greek law Directive 2004/48 on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (Law 3524/2007).