We operate a renown regulatory practice over at least 2 decades, which covers (alphabetically): Agrochemicals & Lifescience, Banking & Financing, Chemicals, Competition, Consumer protection, Data protection & Privacy, Energy, Insurance, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Product liability & Product safety, Public procurement and TMT. You can learn more about our sector specific regulatory practice, by visiting the relevant pages in this site.


As more substantial quantities of complex primary and secondary regulation is produced, enacted, applied and interpreted by the administration including independent authorities that are set up to govern specific, crucial, parts of the economy and courts, clients need to be able to safely navigate, understand their risks, meet their compliance obligations and concentrate on their business. This is especially important for clients that wish to enter the Greek market and need assistance in estimating the risks, making the safer choices and have a clear view of the cost and timing factor in dealing with the Greek authorities and the possible legislative and regulatory burdens that may exist. The Greek legislation is in a transitory stage passing from over regulation in traditional fields where it created barriers to entry to liberalizing these. Our firm has recently and during the crisis assisted successive Greek Governments working along with some of the major international accounting firms in deregulating and simplifying licensing based on EU and international standardization processes and enhancing transparency and preparing the crucial pieces of legislation that are needed for its implementation, limiting the intervention of state agents to the extent strictly needed.

In this context we have worked for the OECD in regard with company law and telecommunications modernization. Members of our firm have participated also in the drafting of bills in regard with competition 1, consumer protection, public procurement and electronic communications and secondary legislation, in the energy and telecommunications field.


We are very strongly in favour of pre-emptive advice, rather than running after emergency measures, administrative sanctions and disputes and we excel in keeping our clients informed, well prepared and compliant. This having been said, we are omnipresent to offer educated advice and defence wherever needed.


We have particular experience in solving practical issues arising from licensing and permits procedures and have very effectively assisted clients in establishing regulated businesses in Greece, in a timely and effective manner.


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