Technology, Media, Telecommunications

An intriguing and extremely challenging characteristic of technology, is the mind boggling speed at which it runs ahead of every aspect in life, not to mention its inherent cross border effects and Рwhen it comes to law and regulation- its almost borderless multi-discipline span. The mix of technology with media and telecommunications gives an explosive boost to the above  characteristics, and virtually dooms legislators and regulators to chase not only after technological developments, but also renegade consumer behaviours, often with very substantial lags and serious misconceptions.


The above having been said, Technology, Media and Telecommunications companies are bringing innovations to the market at an ever-increasing rate. Practicing in TMT requires lawyers who understand technology, also technology related business, otherwise dealing with the necessary legal and regulatory aspects is impossible. New products, services, distribution channels and content, generate unique business challenges. Changing regulations, innovative business models that disrupt the status quo, technological advances, and an increasing need for intellectual property protection are just some of the issues that companies and investors in this sector must address.


We are rated and recommended as a first tier law firm in TMT 1. Our TMT practice was carefully developed and is quite well known for over 25 years. We have particular experience in IT, Telecommunications, Media (including content), banking specific technologies (including dedicated software licensing and service level agreements, ATMs, kiosks and POS networks, data centres etc), also medical technology and many other TMT related industries. Members of our team have worked for years with the National Telecommunications and Post Regulator (EETT). On the business front, we participated since the mid nineties, in some of the most important telecommunications privatization and M&A projects in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, involving Greek interests and have acquired invaluable cross border experience.


We carry long and valuable experience in negotiating and drafting TMT related agreements, including for the development, transfer and use of technology. On the Media front, our expertise in electronic communications, together with his expertise in IP, make an invaluable combination, on both regulatory and the business aspects; on the technology investment and financing front, we carry invaluable experience and is often retained by VCs and private equity investors, for their technology participations in start-ups and other ventures.


Our TMT practice, covers among others (alphabetically):

Banking & Payment technologies, Deployment of Facilities, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Investment, Media, Medical, M&A, Regulatory & Compliance, Telecoms and Transactions.